Managing Partner

Manoj Jhaveri - Founder and Managing Partner, Ten09 Consulting

Manoj is passionate about helping companies develop breakthrough innovations and achieve organic growth beyond their core business. Prior to starting Ten09 Consulting, Manoj worked as an engineer at several Fortune 500 companies and a management consultant within Deloitte's product development practice. His key areas of experience include innovation management, product development, portfolio management, product & technology roadmap development, value analysis and value engineering, supply chain management and lean operations across the aerospace, industrial products, medical device, consumer products and semiconductor sectors. Previous clients include: AMD, GE Energy, Johnson Controls, Lennox, Lockheed Martin, Medtronic, Moen, MTD Products, Parker Hannifin, Timken, US Air Force. For more information regarding Manoj's experience and background visit: Manoj's LinkedIn profile

Senior Advisors

Chris Varley, Global Program Manager - External Science & Technology, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Chris is a respected expert in technology commercialization and innovation.  He has led new business creation efforts for several major corporations including AT&T, CompuServe, Prentice-Hall, and The Walt Disney Company.  In his current position, Chris focuses on building partnerships and alliances that enhance Goodyear's open innovation approach to developing new products and services - especially in the areas of environmental and condition-based sensing, data collection and analysis, and related consumer info. service offerings. 

John Fauster, Founder and Managing Director, Ivy Equity Partners

John currently owns and oversees three Michigan based businesses in the food and commodities industry.  Ivy Equity Partners' core focus is to bring product innovation and environmentally friendly solutions to their customers and the industries that they serve.  John's primary responsibility is to be the “visionary” for the businesses.  He stays on top of industry trends (and in some cases sets industry trends), studies the competition, exchanges ideas with company leadership, exercises “first look” due diligence on new products or ideas, and searches for ways to improve overall internal and external customer experiences.