Our "Why"

At Ten09 Consulting, our beliefs ("why") inspire how and what we do. 

  1. We believe that breakthrough innovation can positively change the world and that any organization with a "growth mindset" can learn to be a consistent, breakthrough innovator.

  2. We believe that diversity leads to higher quality insights and ideas; when people with different backgrounds work together - magic happens!

  3. We believe that applying the same people, processes, organizational structures, and metrics to non-core innovation as incremental/core innovation does not work and results in wasted time and resources.

  4. We believe that successful organizations strike the right balance between supporting their core business (“castles”) and developing breakthrough innovations (“ships”); which improves profitability and reduces business risk.

  5. We believe in helping our client's "learn to fish" and want our clients to develop a strong and durable internal competency for breakthrough innovation.