Ten09 Consulting is LASR focused on helping its clients develop breakthrough innovations and achieve organic growth beyond their core.

Our LASR methodology provides clients with tangible results and enables them to consistently achieve growth beyond their core business.  During the LEARN phase of a project, the client team is taken though a series of workshops designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills necessary for breakthrough innovation.  Of course workshops can only take you so far; during the APPLY phase, the client team applies their learning in the real world.  They follow a systematic process that results in the launch of breakthrough innovations (new offerings, experiences and/or configurations).  During the SUSTAIN phase, the client team documents the processes they have used, defines their organizational structure, recruits team members and establishes metrics and growth targets. Finally, the client team REPEATS the phases as needed to fine tune their knowledge, processes, etc. and develop additional breakthrough innovations. For more details regarding each step of the LASR methodology, see below.

An organization's initial LASR "round" is expected to require 12-18 months; subsequent LASR "rounds" will last approximately 6-9 months and require reduced involvement from Ten09 Consulting. 



During the LEARN phase the client team acquires the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to achieve growth beyond the core business.  Some or all of the workshops below will be covered as needed:


During the APPLY phase the client team's knowledge and skills are put to the test as breakthrough innovations are scoped, developed and ultimately scaled. The high-level process that the team will follow is shown below:


Finally during the SUSTAIN phase, the people, processes, organizational structures and metrics are put in place to ensure that the ability to achieve growth beyond the core business becomes part of the organization's DNA!