Ten09 Consulting helps organizations develop breakthrough  innovations and achieve organic growth beyond their core business

For more than 100 years, makers of fine time pieces have been setting the hands to 10:09, but why?  The answer...an insightful and deep understanding of their customers.  They learned through years of experimentation that this positioning of the hour and minute hand – balanced and open - is the most aesthetically pleasing to their customers.

At Ten09 Consulting we share this passion for discovery and attention to detail.  We help our clients drive to the heart of customer needs, create a balanced innovation portfolio and achieve growth beyond their core business.  

We believe that any organization with a growth mindset can be a breakthrough innovator!  We partner with our clients and help them cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary for consistent adjacent and transformational innovation.  In addition, we “roll up our sleeves” and work alongside our clients to: (1) develop and launch innovations and (2) provide resource support in the form of product and project management and access to our diverse and talented Ten09 “expert network”.  We don’t stop there and also help our clients define the organizational structures, processes and metrics needed to make breakthrough innovation part of their organization's DNA!

What exactly is “breakthrough innovation”?  Breakthrough innovation goes beyond an organizations core business and drives growth, profitability and value creation.  It can be either a new product/service, new market (adjacent innovation) or both (transformational innovation).  In today’s fast paced world, driven by information networks, access to capital and globalization, an organization's ability to consistently achieve growth beyond its core business is critical to long term survival.  Organizations can no longer simply milk their "cash cows" and focus on incremental improvements; they must also nurture a pipeline of "question marks" and "stars".  Many mature organizations hit a "growth stall" because they make the mistake of trying to apply the same people, processes, organizational structures, and metrics to non-core innovation as they do for incremental/core innovation.  At Ten09 Consulting we help our clients transform their business and build a lean, mean engine for breakthrough growth!


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